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What We Do

We like to think that our cleaning product is so good that youíll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Here are just a few reasons why you will want to choose Steam Hygiene Services again and again.
1.    Steam Hygiene Services hardly use any chemicals, giving you the peace of mind that you are helping the environment. 
2. Our cleaning process is quick and can be used on the majority of surfaces.
3. Dirty, hard to reach places, are made easy to clean with Steam Hygiene Services.
4. Most surfaces can be cleaned so that they look like new.
5. Health and safety is important to us which is why our cleaning machines donít burn or scold.
6. Even the toughest of stains such as chewing gum and degreasing can be tackled.
7. Impress your clients and visitors by having your entrance cleaned.
8. The service is affordable and can be purchased on a ad-hoc basis or through a yearly contract.
Unsure of the service you need? Our friendly customer service team will be on hand for any help and advise.

Prices start at just £48 + VAT.  Why not give our customer service team a call for a full quotation.